Reasons Why you may need a Land Survey

Why Do I Need a Survey?

It pays to know the boundaries of your land. A small distance can make a big difference and could save you money.


What Type of Survey?

Learn about the many types of surveys and their purposes.

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Ontario Professional Land Surveyors

Hopkins,Cormier & Chitty Surveying Consultants Inc. is an Ontario Land Surveying firm. Our strength in the surveying industry is directly related to our personnel and our technology. Our key personnel provide experience and knowledge of the latest technologies but more importantly bring a common sense approach to the situation at hand.

Our Customers and Technology

Keeping up with the times and maintaining state of the art technologies enables Hopkins,Cormier & Chitty to determine the right solutions for your project challenges. Our experienced use of Robotic Total Station equipment, to Global Position Systems (GPS) and software, which includes AutoCAD, Microsurvey InCAD and Field Genius and Trimble, provides detailed and accurate digital land survey information for individual lot-owners, architects, engineers, planners, real-estate developers, and public agencies.

Survey Categories

We understand and appreciate the complexities of your individual project and pledge to work with you to ensure you recieve all the services you require. There are many types of land surveys and each fufils a particular purpose.

Legal Surveys

Fence Line

A Legal or cadastral survey deals with title and ownership of land, both private and public. Professional Land Surveyors, such as our company, are responsible for determining your property boundaries and illustrating how your property is affected by right of ways, easements, encroachments, etc.

Engineering Surveys

Framework of building

Once the legal boundaries of a property have been established, any development or improvement to your property needs to be accurately located and detailed. There are many steps in this process. Hopkins,Cormier & Chitty partners with our customers to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Topographic Surveys

Aerial View of farm land

Architects, planners, municipalities, engineers and consultants know that successful projects start with an accurate Topographic Survey. A Topographic Survey shows the elevation and the location of all ground features; buildings, fences, roads, trees, landscape features, services and land uses.

Men pointing at survey plan

Our Services

Our priority is to offer professional and confidential assistance to you throughout the process from application through all phases of construction. We pledge to complete this process on time and on budget.

  • Guide/partner with you to make the process easier to understand.
  • Timely response to your questions and calls
  • Act as a liaison between you and the township which includes attending the appropriate meetings
  • New construction - first application
  • Registration of Plans

Important News

HST Taxes

Land Surveying Services are now subject to HST.

Integrated Survey Services

As of the the end of 2010, all deposited and registered land survey plans in Ontario are required to be referenced to the Ontario's Integrated Control Network.

For more information on how this affects you, please contact any of our surveyors.

Our Memberships

Hopkins Cormier & Chitty are members of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors

Association of Ontario Land Surveyors

Responsible for the licensing and governance of professional land surveyors

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